Doomsday climate change scare tactics now claiming coastal people will DROWN to death from sudden ocean level rise

A new study suggests that extreme sea levels pose a danger to millions of people around the world and that the phenomenon will occur more frequently in the years ahead.

According to the report, that includes enhanced modeling techniques published in the journal Nature Communications, approximately 310 million people who live in low-elevation coastal zones are already at risk for extreme sea levels, which are caused by high tides, storm surges, and waves, with damages that could carry a price tag in the billions. The exposure of additional areas increases with the rise of the sea level and climate change, the report suggests.

An extreme event of this nature could potentially occur once per year by 2050 in some areas instead once every 100 years, the study — which employed 20 different predictive methods — contends.

Fortune summarized the message from the U.S. and European scientists who compiled the study:

Their findings suggest that extreme sea levels are likely to occur more frequently than researchers have previously predicted, particularly on the west coast of the Americas and in parts of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, and East Asia.

Lead author Dr. Thomas Wahl explained to the Daily Mail what his team had in mind:

In order to understand coastal impacts under current and future climate and socio-economic conditions, we do not only need robust projections of mean sea level rise but also a profound knowledge of present-day and future extreme sea levels, because these events drive the impacts.

CNN, which President Trump has labeled very fake news, just published a story claiming that hundreds of U.S. cities could be threatened in the coming decades from flooding as a result of rising sea levels based on a list compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, an organization that supports the Paris Climate Agreement.

Natural News readers are well aware that skulduggery has emerged in climate modeling, along with a generous helping of doom and gloom about man-made global warming, so your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. (Related: Read more about the global warming movement at

Natural News recently reported on a study, for example, revealing possible chicanery in global temperature reading adjustments from NASA, NOAA, and a U.K. agency in recent years. The researchers for that study came to the conclusion that the data sets appear to be inconsistent with published and credible temperature data. The adjustments evidently made current global warming trends more dire.

Earlier this year, Natural News also detailed how a climate change app called wildly exaggerates rising sea level projections.

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